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What threats?

litoral alentejano1The project "Touristic and Environmental Development of Vila Formosa" is the most recent threat to the heritage of Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina, in Portugal, which is considered one of the Europe's best-preserved coastline areas, with unique species of wild fauna and flora.

There is a real risk of urbanization of a 55 hectares area in the municipality of Odemira, located less than 2 kilometres from the coast, involving a hotel, two touristic villages and also entertainment facilities for sport practice and thematic events. This investment will destroy the habitat of endemic species of flora and fauna, such as Ononis hackelli, a plant classified as highest conservation priority, and the Cabrera's Vole (Microtus cabrerae) habitat. It is likely to have potential impacts in the Mira River estuary as well.

This project ignores the guidelines of the Regional Strategic Territorial Plan for Alentejo Region and clearly compromises the Municipal Master Plan of Odemira. Farmlands with agricultural potential, which are part of Mira River Irrigation Area, will now be converted to urbanized area.

The environmental impact assessment was not properly made for this investment, because no alternative locations were presented, as required under the legislation, which provides the evaluation of alternatives, including the zero alternative. This is even more significant, considering that this project is being held in a classified area for biodiversity conservation.

The Natural Park Territorial Plan's Regulation, which aims to control the construction outside urban areas to protect natural values, was also forgotten.

Moreover, the previous Government introduced a paragraph in the transitory regime of the Resolution of the Ministers Council n.º 11-B/2011, of 4th February, article 87, nº 8 (a Governmental law that created the Regulation of PNSACV), which represented an illegal and anti-constitutional measure clearly benefiting the promoters of the project, that have been trying for many years to urbanize the remaining part of this unique natural heritage.

Why to contribute?

litoral alentejano2.2Given the severity of environmental impacts foreseen, Quercus called to courts action to prevent this outrage, taking a legal action in order to prevent the collusion between real estate agents and public authorities.

Therefore, since March 13th, Quercus is setting a legal case against the Portuguese Ministry of Agriculture, Sea, Environment and Land Use Planning, the Council of Ministers and the Vila Formosa Project promoters, in order to appeal the courts to declare null these decisions taken by the current and previous Governments.

To cover the estimated costs of this legal action – around 5,000 Euros - Quercus has launched this crowdfunding campaign, where everyone may contribute to raise this amount. Even the smallest donations can help us keeping this fight.

The time is now to help Quercus fight this battle for the environment and the protection of our remaining natural heritage.








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